30-year milestones

2024: RIPPultimate ® social media launch on March 27th on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing and WhatsApp.

2023: Introduction of the RIPPultimate solar absorbers, which can be configured online in nine languages.

2022: The factory injection molds have now produced well over 2 million parts.

2021: SOLAR-RIPP ® swimming pool solar heating systems warm pools in 45 countries around the world.

2020: More and more people are following the slogan "the sun doesn't send a bill"; Not only understand, but act accordingly.

2019: Second logo relaunch in flat design, gray.

2019: Thousands of satisfied customers have been successfully using original systems for over 25 years.

2018: Relocation of production to 56746 Spessart (Eifel) near the legendary Nürburgring race track.

2017: Presentation of the universally usable HPRL design at the aquanale trade fair in Cologne.

2016: Introduction of responsive functionality at www.solarripp.com (in addition to desktop computers, also suitable for tablets and smartphones).

2014: Registration as an approved exporter for facilitated exports at Koblenz customs.

2013: Founding of the SOLAR-RIPP entrepreneurial company in Sinzig (Rhineland).

2011: Logo relaunch in an edgier metal design.

2010: Parts of production move to the "old leather factory" in the Kripp district (Rhineland) south of Remagen.

2009: Winner of the “reddot design award” in Essen.

2009: Award at the “Golden Wave” innovation award for swimming pool technology in Stuttgart.

2009: Nomination for the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany.

2008: Certification of the product according to DIN EN 12975-1.2 as proof of thermal efficiency.

2008: First time participation in the trade fair presence in Great Britain at the Spatex in Brighton.

2007: Integration of a CNC-controlled production machine.

2007: Company logo in a finned tube-like 3D design, red.

2006: First trade fair presence in France at the Eurexpo in Lyon.

2006: Formation of two neologisms for connection variants called “Z-Design” (diagonal absorber) and “U-Design” (reversal absorber).

2005: First SOLAR-RIPP ® trade fair presence ever in Spain at the Piscina in Barcelona.

2005: Registration of the first industrial property rights at the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich.

1999: Launch of what is probably the first internet presence within the solar absorber industry at www.schwimmbad-solarheiz.de.

1999: Introduction of digital 3D construction methods to increase product quality.

1996: Expansion with a basement workshop and attached garage in Bad Bodendorf in the Ahr Valley.

1994: Company founded as an engineering office for the development, manufacture and distribution of technical products in Munich.

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