Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor for the SOLAR-RIPP ® SRCPOOLML000, SRCPOOLML00P, SRCPOOLMLFPR and SRCPOOLMLFPP solar controller; Universal temperature sensor of the latest series with an outer diameter of 6.5mm; equally usable as a solar sensor and pool water sensor; as a solar sensor, simply attach it outside, facing the sun, to the SOLAR-RIPP ® solar absorber manifold outlet with a cable tie, please do not forget the lightning protection element during installation; insert as a pool water sensor into the cold water sensor installation adapter PVC50 using thermal paste; Price for 1 piece. The short 15cm sensors for extension are made of a black PVC cable and are temperature-resistant from -50° to +105°C. The sensors from a length of 5m correspond to IP67, have a watertight cast sleeve made of VA and are provided with a red silicone line and are therefore temperature-resistant between -50° and +200°C. Please select the necessary sensor length!

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Thermal paste

Spare fuse (for SRCPOOLML...)
suitable for the four device variants SRCPOOLML000, SRCPOOLML00P, SRCPOOLMLFPR, SRCPOOLMLFPP

Temperature sensor (for old control models)
Temperature sensor for the old control units SRC40/ SRC181/ SRC182/ SRC192 and TSG39 /TSG60/ TSG70/ TSG160/ TSG180/ TSG190/ TSG252. Please select the required sensor length!

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