SOLAR-RIPP ® repair set
Clever repair option for minor damage to the solar tube. This article can be used to extend the solar surface.

From €2.49*
Original SOLAR-RIPP ® seal suitable for solar pipes, solar hoses, ribbed hoses, corrugated hoses with an outer diameter of 25 mm, backwards compatible with older systems.

From €0.86*
Connection sleeve 50mm
Flexible connection coupling to connect an original SOLAR-RIPP ® solar absorber to a 50mm pipe system. The rubberized transition sleeve has an inner diameter of 50mm and has two corrosion-resistant metal hose clamps. This component can also be used to connect original SOLAR-RIPP ® distributors and collectors with an outer diameter of 50mm.

From €7.99*
SOLAR-RIPP ® clip bar (spacer)
15-fold (for 15 parallel solar tubes, solar hoses); 525mm wide; middle clip (clip 7) with locking lug

From €3.49*
SOLAR-RIPP ® clip strip - carton with 200 pcs.
Large carton with 200 pcs. SOLAR-RIPP ® clips 15x (SRCLIP15FACH)

SOLAR-RIPP ® clip strip endless
Consistent, flexible clip strip, in your desired width.

From €10.75*
SOLAR-RIPP ® solar tube - please select length ...
Original SOLAR-RIPP ® solar tube, solar hose, ribbed tube, ribbed hose, corrugated tube, corrugated hose. The fin design increases the surface area by a factor of 3 and promotes turbulent flow for better heat transfer. The hose is supplied wound on a roll in the form of a ring. Please inquire about larger order quantities separately. Various tube lengths available.

From €43.98*
SOLAR-RIPP ® manifold
We have been manufacturing for 30 years! Original SOLAR-RIPP ® distribution and collecting pipes are delivered in one piece and are frost-resistant. Laborious, time-consuming and always error-prone bonding, as with competing products, is not available with SOLAR-RIPP ® in professional quality! Decades of use in 45 countries in different climate zones around the world without any significant complaints have led us to offer a functional guarantee of 10 years.

SOLAR-RIPP ® hand tap including screw cap
Small hand tap or small manual valve for filling, venting and draining or for connecting a pressure gauge, manual operation on/off, with 3/4" external pipe thread on both sides, length approx. 5cm, delivery including black screw cap.

SOLAR-RIPP ® hand tap (manual valve)
Small hand tap or small manual valve for filling, venting and draining or for connecting a pressure gauge, manual operation on/off, with 3/4" external pipe thread on both sides, length approx. 5cm.

Screw cap for SOLAR-RIPP ® hand tap
Integrated seal, 3/4" internal thread

SOLAR-RIPP ® flat seal for hand tap and threaded plug
This very thick flat gasket comes between the distributor end with internal thread and the manual plastic hand tap or the metal threaded plug.

SOLAR-RIPP ® 3/4" threaded plug made of stainless steel
12mm internal hexagon, 3/4" external thread, stainless steel quality V4A

SOLAR-RIPP ® solar pipe end plug
If you would like to decommission a solar tube, then this article is the right one for this application.

SOLAR-RIPP ® double nipple
 10 Jahre Garantie (zu den Garantiebedingungen).

for SOLAR-RIPP ® distributors/collectors

SOLAR-RIPP ® seal SRX - carton with 4,500 pcs.
Large carton with 4,500 pieces SOLAR-RIPP ® seals SRX (SRX000000000)

Connection sleeve 50mm - carton with 100 pcs.
Large carton with 100 pcs. connection sleeves 50mm (SRMU50TW88SP)

SOLAR-RIPP ® solar pipe angle connector 90 degrees (incl. 2 solar pipe seals SRX)
Wenn die SOLAR-RIPP ® Solarrohre im 90-Grad-Winkel zueinander verlaufen sollen und man eine Verlegung mit Radien vermeiden möchte, ist dieses Bauteil genau richtig. Lieferung einschließlich zwei SOLAR-RIPP ® Solarrohrdichtungen SRX, Abbildung unverbindlich.

SOLAR-RIPP ® bypass pipe (recess for obstacles)
This component allows the RIPPultimate ® or SOLAR-RIPP ® solar surface to be left out.This is necessary for antennas, masts, ventilation, ventilators, chimneys, superstructures, photovoltaic supports, skylights or other obstacles in the plane of the solar surface.Please choose the size in both axes.Delivery including the necessary number of SOLAR-RIPP ® solar pipe seals SRX.For larger dimensions, the delivery may be made in several parts including connecting elements.

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