Pipe fastening

Pipe clamp 50 black
Very stable pipe fastening (16mm thick) for screwing 50mm pipes made of e.g. PE-HD or PVC-U to walls, ceilings, masonry, wooden posts etc. (gluing not possible), black, stable plastic suitable for outdoor use with centrally arranged hole for 6mm screws (can be drilled out if necessary), 25mm distance (space between pipe and mounting level), base area (screw-on contact surface) 16mm x 49mm, at the widest point the clamp is 59mm wide on the outside, almost indestructible, recommended installation distance for PE pipe 75cm (at pressure level SDR11). Two-part with removable clip bracket. NOT suitable for original SOLAR-RIPP ® distributors and collectors (clamp is too wide), please use our narrower metal clamps for this!

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