Harness the power of the sun

Solar energy is vital for us humans and the fuel for all life. Today we are able to use modern technology to meaningfully use this free solar energy, which is available in gigantic quantities, for other applications.

The use of solar energy for solar heating of swimming pools is obvious, as we prefer to go to the pool when the sun is shining. The challenge is to transport this large amount of solar heat into the swimming water with a target temperature between +25°C and +30°C. This is where SOLAR-RIPP ® comes into play. To provide a cost-effective and long-lasting solution using simple, manageable technology. SOLAR-RIPP ® supplies suitable products as kits for private self-builders, customized solar panels according to customer requirements for professional swimming pool dealers with demanding customers, solutions for campsites, for hotels and public, municipal outdoor pools in cities and communities. Experienced engineers will support you in the implementation.

The theoretical peak performance of, for example, a 21 square meter (e.g. 3m x 7m) original SOLAR-RIPP ® solar absorber is just under 20 kilowatts (20 kW)! Without an additional heat exchanger, i.e. without heat loss, the swimming pool water flows directly through the ribbed solar surface and is heated (like a garden hose in the sun) as it flows through. In most cases this works with the existing swimming pool filter pump. There are no additional ongoing costs. During a typical Central European swimming pool season from Easter to autumn, the 21 square meter SOLAR-RIPP ® solar absorber delivers approx. 6,300 KWh = 6.3 MWh of solar heat energy to the pool *.

Take advantage of our 30 years of expertise in 45 countries, because the sun doesn't send you an invoice!


SOLAR-RIPP ® = solar collector (solar absorber)
SRC = solar controller
SS = solar temperature sensor
CS = pool water temperature sensor
CV = check valve
ELECAV..LW3. = 3-way motor valve
FP = filter pump
230 V AC = power supply for solar controlle
H/HP = old, conventional heating or heat pump

* The proof of thermal performance, durability and reliability of original SOLAR-RIPP ® solar collectors was certified by the TZSB (Saarbrücken Test Center) together with the IZES (Institute for Future Energy Systems) in accordance with DIN-EN 12975-1.2 in May 2008.

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