Corrugated hose, 38mm, 25.5m length
Easy-to-install, flexible corrugated hose made of heat-resistant, high-quality polypropylene (PP) with high UV resistance, can be cut every 1.5m, outer diameter approx. 45mm, inner diameter at the smooth connecting sleeves min. 38mm, black, 25.5m roll.

Connection set (pair) for the corrugated hose - please select diameter ...
Multi-part connection set to connect a RIPPultimate ® or SOLAR-RIPP ® solar surface to a pipeline made of corrugated hose. The individual parts are not yet glued together. Please select your desired diameter (corrugated hose dimension). The diameter refers to the inside diameter of the smooth corrugated hose sections.

Variants from €14.98*
Adapter: Corrugated hose 40 / PVC-U 40
Corrugated hose adapter nozzle 40 to PVC-U 40

Adapter: Corrugated hose 38 / PVC-U 50
Corrugated hose adapter nozzle 38 to PVC-U 50

Adapter: Corrugated hose 32 / PVC-U 50
Corrugated hose adapter nozzle 32 (and 38) to PVC-U 50

Clamp for corrugated hose 38mm
Corrosion-protected quality, with hexagon socket and slot and cross

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